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Know what sets the right accountant in Mississauga apart from the rest.

Financial matters can be dizzyingly complex, whether you’re talking about individual income tax filing, corporate returns, payroll, bookkeeping or something completely different. Entrepreneurs, small business owners and many others find that they need a helping hand here, and they turn to an accountant in Mississauga. While that’s the right decision, it is just as essential to ensure that you’re working with the right accountant.

Any accountant you choose should have vast experience working with clients with similar needs to your own. For instance, if you’re a small business owner, an accountant who primarily works with nonprofit organizations is not likely to be the right choice, regardless of his or her financial savvy. The same thing applies to individuals – an accountant in Mississauga who primarily serves the needs of midsized or large businesses is unlikely to be of benefit.

Of course, almost anyone can call themselves an accountant, but putting that on your business card or having it stenciled on an office door does not necessarily make it so. In addition to ensuring that the accountant has experience with your needs, it’s also essential that you ensure you’re working with a chartered professional accountant. Chartered accountants are required to complete ongoing training, and adhere to a very strict code of ethics in order to maintain their government-issued license.

At Cooper Bick Chen LLP, we’re proud to serve clients throughout Mississauga. We have almost 40 years of experience helping individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, midsized businesses and many other clients with everything from tax strategy development to bookkeeping. We’re also chartered professional accountants, and committed to going the distance for each and every client. Contact us today at 905-475-6795.