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When it comes to accounting services in Toronto, they’re not all the same.

For those without any kind of financial background, it’s easy to think that most accounting services in Toronto are pretty much the same. That’s not the case. Many accounting firms offer a range of different services, but some are more limited, and others should be avoided outright. How do you tell the difference?

On of the key factors to consider when choosing between accounting services in Toronto is the firm’s length of history. A long history proves that the firm is definitely doing something right. Of course, you also need to consider reputation, and a little research can go a long way toward ensuring that you choose the right firm for your specific needs.

Speaking of specific needs, many accounting firms in the GTA have different service offerings. Some focus on the needs of individuals through personal tax strategies and the like. Others specialize in helping small business owners, while yet others focus on the corporate sector exclusively. Few actually offer services to fit almost any need.

Be sure that any firm you consider is actually made up of chartered professional accountants (CPAs) rather than “just” accountants. The reason for this is that almost anyone can claim to be an accountant, but to claim the title of chartered public accountant requires in-depth training, education, retraining, licensure and certification.

At Cooper Bick Chen LLP, we are proud to be one of the few accounting firms in Toronto capable of serving just about any need, from corporate taxes to small business succession planning and bookkeeping to personal tax minimization strategies and filing. We invite you to call us today at 905-475-6795 to speak with us about your needs.