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Professional income tax preparation in Toronto helps save money and avoid legal problems.

Everyone faces the daunting task of filing their taxes each year. It’s a frustrating process, and there is lots of room for error. And just a single mistake on those forms could lead to a higher tax liability, the loss of a return, or even the prospect of an audit. Professional income tax preparation in Toronto can help avoid all those problems while maximizing your return.

One of the single most common reasons for individuals and families not seeing the returns they could on their income taxes is not understanding the deductions they’re entitled to claim. Each one adds up, and can provide a significant offset for any tax liability. However, if you are unaware of these deductions, you can’t claim them. A professional specializing in tax preparation in Toronto will know all the available deductions, which ones apply to you or your family, and help ensure that you claim them.

Many people file very complex tax returns each year. The more complex the return, the greater the likelihood of a mistake being made that costs you a lot of money, or even leads to the prospect of an audit, which is something that you definitely want to avoid. Professional income tax preparation in Toronto ensures that everything is entered correctly and accurately, helping you avoid the hassle of a complex return while reducing the prospect of fines, fees, penalties or an audit.

At Cooper Bick Chen LLP, we offer years of experience with both individual and business tax preparation. As certified CPAs, we can help ensure that your tax liability is minimized, while maximizing the amount of your return. Call us today at 905-475-6795.